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"ALOHA" Welcome to my Island on the internet, there are many shops on my Island ready and willing to serve you, so kick off your shoes and enjoy your stay on my Island.

If you really love beautiful Island Art and Abstracts then you need to see the great work by Sandralee Rarick You will put these in every room of your home.

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Free Old Rock Music and other songs
Please Friend me on my face book page, I really find some fun stuff, some of it may be considered rated PG but I left it in there for the laugh, nothing bad, "ENJOY".


Free stuff If your an old hippie like me, you will like the music on this page. You must remember to take your shoes off before going in the house, your wife will not yell at you for bringing dirt in.

Please order my Five Rated book
A very heart warming story of a new Superhero that just wants to fit in
You will laugh and cry and really want to throw the bad guy through a window
With all the power he has, he is a down to earth kind of guy
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You are going to love this book,
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The Artist "Sandralee" also uses Hawaiian dried seed pods, leaves and palm fronds to create one-of-a-kind sculptures,
Take a look, more to come.

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